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When Inheriting a century-old farm, the engineer Leonardo Vanetti was delighted by the nuances of the diferente types of woods. Inheriting .

Many of them  raw, while others had already beencrafted by the old local woodsmen. In the warehouses amd other facilities dated from the heyday of the Brazilian coffe cycle, whole beams 20 meters long. In pastures , huge roots of rare trees felled long ago . 

In virgin forests preserved throug generations, large natural structures of unquestionable beauty. 

With this remarkable assortment of raw material, the artist Leonardo Vanetti developed some contemporary furniture to share that feeling of closeness with nature and bring back the interaction between man with wood, recalling the beginnings of civilization .




The trace of his furniture is inspired by winged creatures or mechanical devices that cause similar sensations (hang-gliders, sails, ships,etc.). The bevel, boldly applied by the artist and wisely associated with the use of rusted metal, gives Leonardo Vanetti’s pieces a unique touch of refinement and elegance.


Raw Material

Mischaracterizing nature’s silhouette or highlighting the main lines of the wood, Leonardo Vanetti uses in his pieces materials from old buildings, logs for reforestation and dead trees of his private property, located in Serra do Caparaó, the border beteween the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo.

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